Salvage & Support Equipment

H/L Salvage Barges

Big AL


ISI Salvage Ranger

ISI Warrior

- ISI Salvage Chief

Crane Barges

GMT 4000

ISI Support Bases

We operate the waterways from New Orleans all the way to Pittsburgh. Click the map for a larger view.


- M/V Shannon Holston
- M/V Pam D

Dive Equipment

- Complete shallow water surface supplied dive systems
- Decompression chambers (depths over 60ft)
- Underwater cutting and welding equipment
- Hydraulic tool packages
- Hand jetting, dredging, and airlift

Support Equipment

- Crane operated airlift, bucket, grab, and chisel
- Shipfitting, Metal fabrication, and welding
- Scrapping and demolition operations
- Beaching gear, winches, and pulling systems