Use for Marine Salvage

Our a-frame barges at can be mobilized throughout the inland waterways and are specialized for high current and shallow water operations. These rigs are maintained and operated by seasoned crews who can adapt to changing conditions as the project evolves.

Isi strives to meet our client’s objectives through for safe and efficient work practices. We possess the experience and professionalism needed to achieve all project goals.

Inland salvage inc. Specializes in turn-key projects involving the handling of large, heavy cargo and equipment for maritime industry clients. Combining experience, unique approaches and a solid understanding of the marine environment isi can provide the equipment and personnel to handle the most difficult heavy lift projects.

Isi naval architects can develop lift plans, sea fastening plans, and provide engineering support to the project. Our heavy lift superintendents are trained and experienced in safe work practices and all members of our rigging teams follow strict safety protocols. Dive teams are the back bone of our salvage and wreck removal operations. Isi divers are certified and comply with all osha, usace and uscg regulations. Divers are full time direct employees of isi with an average of 10 years’ experience in the salvage industry.

Isi divers effectively make clean cuts in blackwater and high current environments. We have strict safety protocols at included in our dive safety plan to protect divers from possible underwater explosions due to cutting gas build up.

Isi divers at are capable of directing multiple cranes to set rigging for heavy lifts while operating in no visibility conditions and contending with harsh river environments. Isi dive supervisors coordinate with divers, topside personnel, and crane operators to safely achieve rigging objectives.

Isi divers are familiar with basic naval architecture and can effectively survey hull damage and casualty disposition. From these surveys, salvage plans and damage reports are developed.

Isi divers regularly cut access holes and penetrate sunken casualties to perform air-lifting, underwater burning and welding. Divers are also experienced in “tunneling” underneath casualties using high pressure water jetting in order to properly place rigging. Isi dive supervisors and salvage masters at closely monitor and coordinate the above operations to ensure the safety of the diver.

Isi salvage divers are also capable of the following; underwater welding, search and recovery, patch installment, fuel lightering, hot tapping, and dredging.